Plastics Injection Molding Simulation

Predict and avoid manufacturing defects in plastic part and injection molding designs, eliminating costly rework, improving part quality, and decreasing time to market

  • Virtually assess the manufacturability and quality of injection molded part designs and tooling
  • Leverage easy-to-use simulation to reduce development time and costs
  • Evaluate effectiveness of mold colling system designs for the right technical insights at the right time
  • Maintain associativity with SOLIDWORKS CAD data and workflows

What is SOLIDWORKS Plastics?

SOLIDWORKS Plastics is the injection molding flow simulation add-in for the SOLIDWORKS CAD package. It simulates the flow of the plastic melt into the mold cavity and provides results that will help part designers, mold designers, and injection molding manufacturers validate and optimize their products. SOLIDWORKS Plastics runs in the SOLIDWORKS interface, which streamlines the workflow to make any design changes on the fly.

Avoid Costly Mold Cavity Rework

SOLIDWORKS Plastics can drastically reduce the chance of costly mistakes before a Mold Cavity is manufactured. Utilizing the advanced flow simulation tools can help you design efficient products and designs without the large expense of prototype testing. Modifying after a cavity is built not only causes major costs but also extensive labor to rework mold cavities. Let SOLIDWORKS Plastics help you test CAD models before manufacturing begins to ensure the best version of your design will go to production.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Packages

SW Plastics-Standard-Pricing-11


SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard is the premier mold cavity testing software for part designers. It contains analysis tools to validate and optimize plastic part design for the injection molding process. This is a great tool for a plastic part designer to use to detect potential molding defects before manufacturing begins.

SW Plastics-Professional-Pricing-8

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional is the next step up in mold cavity injection testing, with features that assist mold designers and builders to optimize mold design for a consistent processing window. It includes additional tools such as multi-cavity design and runner systems to prevent costly rework by minimizing tooling adjustments.

SW Plastics-Premium-Pricing-4
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium is the top-level injection molding analysis software tool available on the market. Plastics Premium gives you access to all of the tools that SOLIDWORKS Plastics has to offer. The advanced cooling and warp analysis tools are one of many advanced features used together to get the most accurate shrinkage and warp prediction possible.

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